I have severe RLS. Has anyone gotten a spinal cord stimulator for this?


Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

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  • Ferne


    I have a spinal cord stimulator but not for RLS. I take ropinerole for my RLS. Helps tremendously.

    • basketcase


      I thought the SCS was to take care of RLS. Are you saying you get no relief from it? Did it make the RLS more bearable? What does your Dr. say? Thanks.

  • Ferne


    The stimulator is for my back. I take Ropinirole for my RLS, so I can’t say wether or not it helps.

    • Suzie12


      I take ropinirole for my RLS but honestly I don't think it really helps that much. When I first got sober they gave it to me in rehab and it helped but I have been taking .25 MG's for 8 months now I feel like my body just got used to it and its not helping anymore :(

      • Ferne


        I started out on .25 mg and that did nothing. Now I take 1 mg and that helps a lot.

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