Anyone else with an IBD experience a lot of joint pain but has negative RA tests?

Arthralgia, Arthropathy

Joint pain

Gastritis, Duodenitis (Not Infectious)



Ulcerative Colitis (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Low Back Pain

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  • freyaslady


    I've never had an RA test done but when I have IBS or colitis flares it often comes with low back and sometimes knee pain.

    • mipastaessupasta


      I finally learned about something called non-arthritic autoimmune joint pain. But, since it doesn't seem to be too common no one takes me seriously 😐

      • freyaslady


        thats interesting. My back pain and knee pain are explained by other issues, but its worse when my stomach acts up.

  • warriorj


    Yes! I swore I had RA. Are you on lialda/Mesalamine? It caused me horrible joint pain 😥 I finally realized it once I quit taking it

  • SlipSlide


    Yes; arthritis (primarily of the larger joints, like hips) is an extra intestinal manifestation (ie UC symptoms outside the intestine; there are many) of UC

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