I got diagnosed with OCD last November. Lately, my OCD has been pretty bad due to personal reasons. I feel like some of my family thinks I'm crazy, mostly because a majority of my family has no idea I have this diagnosis. I want to tell my loved ones, but I feel like I will receive judgement and skepticism from some. I want to know some people's experiences with telling people about their diagnosis, especially because of the stigma involved with OCD. Is it worth it? Does it cause drama? Should I just keep it to only those who I know can handle it?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Ladoo


    Tell who you feel comfortable disclosing that information too. If you need time to process your diagnosis and what that means for you, that's valid and understandable. It can cause misconceptions if we don't educate ourselves about it (I speak from my own misunderstanding of ocd when I was first diagnosed). But your safety and privacy should always be a priority.

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