think I've been & still am pretty manic.... does anybody else get really anxious for certain things when manic?

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  • Derek20


    Hi, one of the symptoms of a manic attack is also some anxiety. If you feel like you're having a manic attack, I suggest you see a psychiatrist for an examination so you don't do things that you'll regret doing after you get out of the attack.

    • canoli


      I agree. Don't let yourself get too manic. Get help before you get into trouble. I wish someone had told me that early on. Lots of horror stories to deal with on top of the bipolar.

  • mistythecat


    Hi, I’ve only recently been diagnosed with bipolar but I relate. I started to feel acute anxiety over random things. It turns out I was entering a continuation of my first manic episode. I would like previous replies said talk to your psychiatrist. It could be a matter of medication adjustment.

  • aproblemchild


    Oh when ur manic everyone around u will know that’s a good gauge

  • DitsyDiabetic


    Yeahhhh mania and anxiety go hand in hand. Like the other commenter said, talk to your psychiatrist. Mania can be dangerous…. I have horror stories you’d barely believe. Also, if you wanna chat, my inbox is open

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