I just wanted to share some valuable information I've learned regarding motivation whether it be to lose weight, gain weight, get your house together, finishing a task.
I have learned that it is imperative to set small and easily achievable goals for yourself every day. In doing so, your brain releases all those happy chemicals that number 1) make it easier to conduct daily activities, and 2) IT HELPS REDUCE PAIN.
Those chemicals are natural pain killers and while not all of your pain goes away, it does help. This is MY experience and it has helped me A LOT. If you'd like to know more I would be more than happy to go into further detail in the comments. ❤️


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  • WitchyMolotov


    🙌 Hallelujah! Can you give some examples! Lord knows I need help with motivation.

    • SadMom95


      so I have the same goal every morning. I challenge myself to take my vitamins. I will set them right in front of my bed so that I don't forget. No matter how I feel, I find one small thing to eat, like a banana or a bagel. I won't drink my coffee until I eat something first. That would be considered a small goal. If my house is a disaster, I do not sit down in the morning. I will set times to start chores. Once I finish say, washing dishes, my reward is to relax for 15 min while I smoke my cigarette. Small goals. Very small. Don't tackle a huge project without having a plan and STICK to it. That's the hardest part. Once you start with those small goals, you will find yourself making a routine for yourself. Scheduled melas/snacks. I also suggested "grazing". I don't really eat meals per say. I eat very small portions. Which is scientifically healthier. Your gut effects everything. Your mind and your body. I hope this helps ❤️

      • WitchyMolotov


        you're awesome, thank you.

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