Anyone use a wheelchair for their POTS, and if so how does it help you? I've been diagnosed for four years now but medications only do so much when it comes to long outings. Trying to make the people around me understand that I'm simply wanting to improve my quality of life instead of "giving up".

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    I got a wheelchair this year and I love it. It helps me be able to go to school and shop and stuff without getting really dizzy. I also have a cane for shorter outings. I do get a lot of weird looks and questions and I even get hate from some of my doctors, but I know it helps me to feel better and enjoy my life, so I don’t care. Getting a wheelchair is not giving up. It is a tool to help you just like glasses are. If you feel like you need a mobility aid then go for it. Use it whenever you feel like you need it.

    • NewYork


      Oh, it also helps me with elevators. I take it to all my doctors appointments because otherwise I would collapse in the elevator

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