Does anybody have depression symptoms from their epilepsy medication? I know some helps emotions, but some also affects them negatively. I'm on a few, and I'm not sure if it's one of them. I've spoken to my Dr. but apparently it's "just hormones".


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  • frog.0928


    Yeah my keppra effects the depression I already had

    • Kaitikins


      I've heard that Keppra really sucks for depression.

    • dooby


      keppra is just horrible.

      • Pero


        I had kepra as my meds when I was 1st diagnosed with epilepsy it had some auful side effects I had 23 tiny little seizures And I had to go to hospital for it

  • strugglebus


    Agreed, I started with Keppra and it gave me bad mood swings. A family friend was on Keppra and she had "Keppra Rage." I now take Lamotrigine, and I think it gives me mood swings as well, definitely not as bad. Mostly anxiety, but anger issues do get aggressive, they never were a thing before, and depression. I don't know how much external factors play a role over the medications, but I was on Lamotrigine alive for a year, and I remember the 3 emotions surfacing during that time so🤷‍♀️

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