has anyone found anything to alleviate this dreaded cough? I've been coughing 12 years following an upper respiratory infection. I've been tested for everything; all normal/negative. Even though my tests were negative I've been treated prophylactically with zero relief. I don't cough when I sleep.




Chronic cough


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  • Magnus


    I have the same condition and this could be chronic neurogenic cough. There is a fairly new treatment called superior laryngeal nerve block that can treat neurogenic cough. I'm considering this option

  • Pudder


    Gabapentin has been effective for some. Amitriptyline is another option to try. Neither of these worked well for me but has for others. I take 75mg of Tramadal 4x a day to calm my cough but it's difficult to find a doctor to prescribe it for an extended time.

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