If you take Wellburin/Bupropion XL for ADHD, did it slowly stop working?

I've noticed that the afternoon fatigue I was having before starting the meds started to come back. And there wasn't a difference in how I felt on the days I forgot to take it, outside of being a little "sobby" over.. well everything, including when I was happy about things.

idk if its the meds losing their effectiveness, or if it's the trauma work I've been doing.

suggestions are much appreciated 😄




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  • BeccaMae


    I wasn't taking Bupropion for ADHD but was taking a combination of Bupropion/Wellbutrin and Buspirone/Buspar for depression plus Lyrica for neuropathy and found myself having very quick, little "blacks outs"; never really a loss of consciousness, just that the sun seemed to get very bright and I felt like I just HAD to close my eyes for maybe 30 seconds and then the whole "episode" would be over with. This usually happened while I was driving which of course wasn't good. My sleep doctor suggested discontinuing those meds and changing to Cymbalta for my depression. It has made a huge world of difference in my "black outs" and my depression. I'm not sure that Cymbalta could be used as an ADHD need but I guess it might be worth a discussion with your physician? Good luck!

    • blueflovver


      cymbalta causes the worst possible withdrawal symptoms, I'm surprised I didn't kill myself stopping to take it. i would never recommend this med to anyone.

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