Does anyone's pain level increase during severe weather changes (storms, intense cold or heat), or during seasonal changes? If so, how do you cope with it? Because it's unbearable.


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  • Nae84


    Right now the barometric pressure is wreaking havoc ony body.

  • magalito


    Absolutely. It’s not “all in your head”;there is research that explains this.

  • Reece


    Yes. My kids have decided to determine when the weather is going to change because that's when I have a bad flare up and end up in bed because if the pain.

  • HarbingerOfChaos


    Yeah, fronts moving through the area gives me some insane headaches. Luckily I have some prescribed muscle relaxers that I can take whenever my fibro pain flares up, and it seems to help me with the weather swings.

  • Thewriter


    Yes it does, still trying to find a way to deal with it. Cold and Rain are the worst.

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