Hello 33 year old female with chf need plenty of help.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

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  • MntnKat


    Hi! I have been dealing with CHF for about 11 years. Now I am on the heart transplant list! You can go for a long time with CHF. Try to be as active as the doctor will let you. I am 66 so I am twice your age! Be sure to take all your medication as prescribed!

  • poisonpixie83


    I'm 39 and have had chf for 13 years take your lasix as prescribed I can answer some questions if you would like just ask

  • Lynda76


    I am 45 with CHF first ❤️ attack at 35 triple bypass in October on oxygen since November 😮‍💨 always tires n weak .. useless at times..

  • feather_mama


    I'm 33 too ❤️ I'm here in the thick of it with you! Always around to chat

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