Just moved across the country and am struggling with all the changes my kids and I are going through. Any advice on how to ease the transition?


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  • Rayningtigress


    As someone who was homeless for a long time and only got stable after moving across the united state 5 years ago, what helped me was getting a schedule down. Once i was able to establish a routine, it made my life easier.

  • pwseattle


    I'm going to be moving across the country in a matter of days, I've done a bit of research and I recommend signing up for classes at a local library to stay entertained and socialize with other people in the area. This is especially good for kids because libraries usually have classes for specific age groups. Also find out where the closest community center is and see what they have available for activities. When I was young it made moving easier to be doing something creative or active immediately after getting there, plus it will set a good habit for yourself and your family in your new space. Just some ideas 😊

  • DD2


    Take the time and talk as a family about what are some goals and plans you want to achieve while you are there and try to achieve those goals together !

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