So I contacted my rheumatologist today for a telamed appointment and let her know that I had been diagnosed with cancer which has now been treated because I haven't talk to her since January.. And then she informed me that I'm not supposed to be on a biologic if I've had cancer. So she's gonna talk with her higher up and call me back with a decision but I'm kind of freaking out because I know what life was like before biologics and I was in so much pain. So far I've had the mentality of quality over quantity of life but they may take away that option. Has anyone else been in the situation where they were told they were not allowed to be on biologics and what do they do now?


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  • Lady_Buttercup


    I was told the same thing. They wanted to take me off of the biologic but I fought them on it and they ended up changing the type of biologic and they monitor me more often with blood tests and scans. I hope they can work something out for you where you’re not going to be in pain.

  • MrsFuller


    Yeah around Christmas time I got sick and had to go off of my biologics for almost 2 months and I could tell when it was out of my system because all my joints started to swell and hurt

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