Do any of you introverts do something out of your comfort zone to face social anxiety as a form of exposure therapy? If so, what works the best for building confidence? I work in retail as a casheir for over 2 yrs and still afraid of people. When does it go away? Do you believe that an introvert can completely change their personality to be an extrovert? I asked my therapist this question, and she said yes and I want to believe this is true. It is my goal in life to one day be outgoing and social person.

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  • Britt0626


    I hold hope that I will become more of an extrovert also. I'm a cashier in retail as well and I have anxiety around people also. I try to push myself out of my comfort zone by going to 1 new place a month. Like a store or a restaurant. I have "safe places" so going somewhere new is very stressful for me. It sounds silly but it has been helping little by little.

    • differentnotless


      I think retail can be pretty hectic, but there is opportunity everyday to face the fear. I'm sure it takes courage for anyone changing jobs to go somewhere else. That's awesome and good for you! :)

  • Christian95


    I think there is a lot of shame surrounding being introverted or a less-social person than other people. I’m not desperately trying to be extroverted, I just don’t want to be afraid of being social and being around people.

  • Charles.Domingo


    While it maybe true to completely change I think it needs a lot of work and training. Basically being in settings or scenarios where you’d be practicing being more social. I also think this is just how I am. If I don’t thrive in a job like this I’d seek more isolated jobs. Like an office job where I would be working with a small team. At the end of the day I want to make my life easier, not harder. I think we should always try to get out of our comfort zone but not chose an almost impossible task to achieve and then feel bad about failing. Never be ashamed. Love yourself and find people and places that make you happy. Find the happy middle.

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