I don't really want to ask a question but I kind of wanted to just mention how cool this is. I've always wanted a place to talk about physical and mental health struggles and this really is amazing that I can just talk to people about it. I tend to have this obsession with understanding it now that I've gotten past my depression. I love to hear everyone's take. It's amazing to see the help this is bringing people.


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  • TLR


    I like this site too but sometimes I feel like I am still being judged even though they might have similar problems. I have about 450 friends and family on Facebook and I don't like to talk about my personal problems on there. But because this site you don't know the people it makes me a little bit more comfortable to talk about my problems. I also found that they do care even though I don't know them which is nice. But I've been getting advice that I already know.

  • LyraDaenestra


    thats fair. It helps when you're specific about your problem. I've been mostly responding to people because I just got this and don't have questions. It's hard for people to give advice when they don't know exactly your situation. The more detail the better, but also whatever you are comfortable with. I think it's less about each individual response you get and more about just the one comment you get that clicks with you. Assuming people know what to say at all. Sometimes it's better not to put input when you're too unfamiliar with the situation. I know I've had to avoid responding to certain things simply because I have no idea how to help them. A lot of us are often in the same boat and don't always have advice. Either way it's nice that there's the opportunity that this gives. It's more than Facebook would give and that makes me personally really happy. Facebook is definitely not a safe space. Also with judgement I think you'll find that everywhere. I don't think there is a single community without judgement. I mean Christians can be a perfect example. They are taught to love everyone and to not judge, but they're human and very clearly judge people. I especially see that with the LGBTQ+ community, for being an "inclusive" community there is lots of judgement about who should be considered a part of the group. Some people think sexuality and romance should be explored but gender is black and white. Others think differently and that causes chaos. It is what it is though. Well never be free of judgement, you just have to know when to stand up for yourself. Not saying it's easy though.

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