hi. I am a 53 yo mom of a 25 and a 16 yo. I once was active, a former athlete and loved to work out, hike, move but after a tremendous amount of stress that hit my family I quickly gained 70 pounds then became very sedentary. in 2019 I was hospitalized for pancreatitis, then in 2020 fatty liver disease then diastolic heart failure. I've also gained more weight and I am not 90-100 pounds over the weight I spent the majority of my life at. I'm discouraged, scared and depressed. I have zero energy and my house work 8s overwhelming. I can't work. I feel so hopeless so much of the time. my family needs my income and my input, but I feel worthless. I hope others can give me some suggestions on how to build myself back, at least enough to get out of this pit. thanks.

Diastolic Heart Failure

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  • Rowboat


    Are you taking any meds?

    • turkeymom


      yes, several, definitely more than I want to be on.

  • jmoe67


    I was in the same condition. I was in the hospital 3 weeks out of 4 in August of 2021. In November I changed my diet and simply started walking daily. I have lost 70lbs. This is my story I hope it can help someone. I am open to questions ans suggestions!

    • turkeymom


      thank you. That is inspiring!

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