My anxiety is kind of going through the roof right now. Last month I got the depo shot and it got rid of my period, which was amazing, but lately I've been getting small cramps and now they're getting stronger and stronger, I even started to bleed. The doctors did tell me spotting would occur within the first month or here and there, but now it's like I'm having a full-on-blown period and it's been going for more than a week. I feel very weak and I am hurting really bad I'm trying not to cry cuz I'm at work right now. it hurts the most when I start to move if I stand still in one spot it doesn't hurt too bad. But I'm in like a lot of pain. 😞
The whole point of me getting the depo was to stop my period and it's pain.
Should I be worried should I go back to the doctor?

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  • Wolfy96


    I’m on the depo shot and the same thing happened to me in my first month. It hurt so badly that I cried almost every night. However I’m on my second round now and no periods or cramps and for the first 3 months it did give me back my period then it just completely stopped it all together. Hopefully they can put me on something else that will bring them back so I can have a family in the future (25 f)

    • Ally95


      My first month was fine it's the second month that's hurting. But I'm hoping it will go away.

      • Wolfy96


        I hope you get better

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