I am planning to become pregnant somtime in the next 3-6 months. What medications do you know of that are safe for pregnancy? Currently taking lexapro, hydroxyzine, and trazadone.


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  • GaPeach01


    I believe Buspar is safe during pregnancy.

  • bubblebea


    I take all of those same medications and my psychiatrist asked me three times if I was going to get birth control because some of the medications I'm taking are not advised during pregnancy. I did take Hydroxyzine during my third trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter. My anxiety had gotten worse and I was having awful panic attacks way too frequently. I took it as needed which thankfully I didn't need it too often. My daughter is 6 months old, happy and healthy.

    • BlueSaph


      I was given hydroxyzine with both of my previous pregnancies but I never used it. I was on Celexa with my last one but that quit working for me.

  • Diabeticgirl8921


    I was given Zoloft while I was pregnant and hydroxizine. I used both for all three of my pregnancies and all three babies were and still are perfectly healthy.

    • BlueSaph


      thanks. I didn't use anything with my first and he has several health concerns, though we believe they may be genetic. I was on celexa with my second and other than being smaller than expected he's fine. Guess I'm just anxious because my doctor was pushing hard for me to make a decision and soon so she can adjust my meds to make sure they will he safe.

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