I was diagnosed with thyroid B12 deficiency,the doctor thought I have diabetes, because some diabetics get neuropathy and hands and feet but I got mine from B12 deficiency by the time they found it it didn't even register so now it's irreversible about the nerve damage, I have been diagnosed with gerd,and constipation and diarrhea,acid reflux disease I believe that if you have a B12 deficiency a lot of doctors don't know how much damage it can do to you when you have a B12 deficiency I am now borderline diabetic I have high blood pressure it's all from stress but my mum had all the same symptoms I had surgery yesterday because of my IBS that I had for years since I was very young and they didn't know about it until I started having worse time going to the bathroom I have an underactive thyroid but I also have the autoimmune disease that goes with it I had to have surgery yesterday because I have been pushing for years with my irritable bowel that it caused my whole pelvic system to be out of whack I am grateful to the specialist who who figured it out no matter what I took I could not get all the poop out and so it made things worse and the pain the sickness it was just too much I couldn't take it anymore so I got a new gastrologist and he checked it all out, in case he had to go in first he took this x-ray of me and I had poop on both sides going up to my ribs and now I have to do a regiment where I have to Gatorade and the powder because nothing else works to clean me out,I had a hysterectomy because everything started falling down and I'm telling you I would have died if that happened to me embarrassment shame oh my gosh I seen it one time and I was when I was working in a nursing home and I took the woman to the bathroom and all of a sudden everything fell out of her went into the toilet I had not ever witnessed it before and I don't recall over hearing about that before I saw it I was on the buzzer like crazy trying to get the nurse and then finally she came in because I was yelling for her and she act like all this is normal I'm like I'm not ever seen anything like that and now here I was facing the same thing because of my IBS so the next trip for me is going my gastrologist I went outside the box and I got the best of best doctors and they know exactly what they're doing I just want to be able to poop like a normal person my doctor also made sure that everything got lifted back up inside of me I would not ever want that to happen to me, most of my stomach diagnosis is caused by stress yes stress I even got high blood pressure and walking pneumonia at the same time and I have never had anything wrong with my health before just my thyroid disease does anybody else suffer with us with their stomach please let me know if you found any way to relieve it without taking medication thank you

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    Yes. I understand this completely.

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