So, this is a vent post I guess, but I've been dealing with weight issues lately which has been affecting my depression... and the more depressed I get, the more I smoke and binge eat, so that's not helping. I'm finding it more and more difficult to do any form of exercise, and it's likely affecting my sleep too. Life is too chaotic and busy to stay on any kind of proper schedule which is only making matters worse, and I'm just to the point where I'm feeling pretty hopeless about it all.
As a transmasc/nonbinary individual, I can't help but think that getting top surgery would help immensely (not just with weight but with the desire to exercise because I won't have to worry about whether or not to workout in a binder vs bra, etc), but my psych seems pretty skeptical, so idk.
Anyone else in the same or similar boat?



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  • AstraDragon


    So you should work out in a bra as working out in a binder can cause pain and health issues. That's coming from a medical personal experience. I know it's hard but the way I feel better about my weight is I pretend that my extra weight is where I keep my extra personality (like my extra humor and sass) thats just what helps me. You can always chat with me if you want to

    • Vinnocent


      I know I *should* work out in a bra, they just ache so much after wearing one that it often sucks less in general to either go without or wear the binder... but that's also why I'm not exercising much lately 😅 I love the idea of looking at my weight as extra personality but my personality is severely lacking. Lol And I wouldn't even care so much about how the weight looks if it didn't make me feel so awful. In the last couple years (since the COVID outbreak, really) I've put on about 60 pounds and I just feel so sluggish and tired.

  • healthphie


    when exercising, try using 2 sports bras so you’re better supported but not putting yourself in danger with a binder. I think you should get a second opinion on top surgery bc it can be really validating to people. i’m sorry you’re feeling this way, but know that you are seen, heard, and loved

    • Vinnocent


      Thanks, I am considering talking to a different doctor about it, but hearing someone else say I should really helps. A second bra doesn't do much as far as support, but my biggest problem is just the general achiness after wearing a bra, which means the best thing to do at this point is going to be to change the actual breast size by hoping I lose enough weight to affect it or actually do something about it medically.

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