have you found anything that helps with the pain?

do you experience new symptoms every year?

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  • Jayk


    i found that for my headaches, simple pain reliever meds work like tylenol, advil, etc, but after my decompression surgery i was also prescribed oxycodone

  • flibberflam


    I tend to develop immunity to medicine, so I have a laundry list of non-medicinal things, like heat, ice, and CBD oil (I can’t recommend that enough) I’ve had a chiari malformation and constant headaches since I was 6 and got decompression surgery when I was 14, and for the most part, I haven’t developed new symptoms I’ve developed other, unrelated conditions, but I think headaches tend to retain their initial character but I did get new symptoms after my surgery—mostly some minor dizziness for anyone with chronic pain, I can’t overrecommend making a priority of pain management that doesn’t depend on medicine it sounds like medicine works for you now, and I hope it continues to, but it’s good to have some back-up options that and you can’t get a rebound headache from an ice pack

  • CallieRose


    Ice, aspirin, hot bath/shower

  • ChiariChick


    Delta 8 products help me a lot and kratom does too

  • Brynn36



  • dees


    Coffee ☕

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