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80% of adults with ADHD have at least one other psychiatic disorder. Are you one of them?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Tom1991


    I suffer from depression.. 😥 I feel it's a vicious cycle, where my ADHD complicates many aspects of my daily life, the struggle gets me depressed, and then I feel like my ADHD gets even worse... I believe you have to always try treating them both 🙌

  • Columbus


    I suffer from anxiety and depression in addition to ADHD. I believe I developed these disorders because I was suffering from ADHD for too many years without diagnosis or treatment

  • Strawberry


    I suffer from borderline personality disorder. ADHD and BPD share some clinical features, especially impulsivity. The similarity caused my BPD diagnosis to be late.

  • neoncrusader


    I also have social anxiety, used to be really bad to the point of social phobia. I have drug problems. I used to be really depressed, and still go through periods of it recurring. PTSD from childhood trauma.

  • JoAnn


    ADHD, PMDD and anxiety with a little depression sprinkled in 🥲

  • Puplover


    ADHD, anxiety, & probably mild seasonal depression

  • ghhhostboy


    Autism, adhd, ocd, c-ptsd, derealization/depersonalization, gender dysphoria and depression. But hey! I also got chromesthesia out of it, so that's cool, I guess.

  • wolflover123


    ADHD, Autism, C-PTSD, DID/OSDD, depression, anxiety, and psychogenic non-epilepic seizures

  • poisonharley


    Depression, anxiety, bi polar disorder, ptsd, and Monday were going to talk about ocd too.

  • Jadie


    ADHD, Autism, cPTSD with psychotic features, OCD, bipolar type 1 with psychotic features. A lot of doctors misdiagnosed me with Depression then it switched to BPD because they asked questions that explained being autistic and that experience messed me up. The numerous doctors I have met in my life seem so against giving more than one or two diagnosis’s as if disability has a limit so I was gaslighted for a long time and multiple things left unhelped including ADHD.

  • pinapplesodamm


    I have adhd and depression... I also was in several physically and mentally abusive relationships so that doesn't help either

  • Summerlynnvibes


    Yes, and the depression dips are getting worse with age I feel like.

  • Cindy33


    I have ADHD and anxiety and I feel it's a viscous cycle. I get stressed because I can't do things the way I planned and I just can't focus and be organized because of the ADHD and it just makes me feel even worse..

  • Beetlejuul


    Adhd, most likely autism, anxiety, depression

  • Claude03


    I’ve been diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety since 2016. In 2020/2021, I was diagnosed with ADHD. After starting ADHD medications, it has been less difficult for me to get started on tasks. I am able to get basic things done that I struggled to do before. Because of that, I feel less bad about myself and less stressed because I get some of the stuff done that I need to do.

  • photographer0402


    Depression, anxiety, and ADHD

  • royalty


    I have social anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, OCD, and a whole bunch of other things on top of autism 🥲

    • royalty


      Also eating disorders I forgot to mention that

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