Recently I have been taking a self paced online summer school class. I find myself falling beind in it cause of lack of motivation. This makes me anxious so I want to work but then I'm so anxious cause I'm so far behind that I can't do anything. I don't really know how to explain it, but its just a really bad cycle. Added pressure from my parents does not help. Advice?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • csk


    i feel you so hard!!! i’m a heavy procrastinator and fellow anxious person. especially during depressive episodes, i don’t wanna do ANYTHING. however, i’ve learned that taking things one step at a time really helps in relieving pressure. setting certain goals and rewarding yourself when you hit them. for example, i’m a writer and a lot of days i don’t wanna do it when i have writers block. but i tell myself “ok let me write 5 paragraphs before i watch this fun youtube video” and just repeat the cycle. incentives really help me personally!

  • cozybunbun


    I've been dealing with this. I set a timer and said I'm just gonna work for that much, and then I can take a bath (bad back pain day). Pomodoro technique usually helps me a lot

  • SharpOlive


    These anxiety cycles are the worst. They happen to me all over the place in so many contexts. My therapist is currently suggesting we try ACT therapy combined with CBT. she asked me if u Belice it will help and i said honestly I'm not sure I do believe it... She said it will take longer then but still worth a try. I feel you. 💕

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