I love roller coasters and stuff like that so much but every time I have to convince the people I was with I had a good time because in those pictures they take on the ride I always have the most deadpan expression. I'm enjoying the ride too much to think about making a face 😭 I don't know how people scream and express on rides and still enjoy what's going on

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Supernothing


    I love roller coasters too. They were a special interest for me when I was younger. I never made sound or put my hands up or anything. I do that at concerts sometimes too. I’ll be in the back with a beer just listening and it looks like I’m bored but in reality I’m having a great time. I used to try to pretend and do all the stuff that people thought I should do to enjoy things, but it kinda took away from actually enjoying it, so now I just enjoy things my way.

  • bluefairy


    i LOVE rollercoasters and as a kid i just started putting my hands up cus i saw other people doing it lmaooooo, but it is fun and makes it feel more dangerous if you like the adrenaline. also lettin out a woooooo feels super weird in the moment lol but looking back on it i remember it fondly. just enjoy it however you want, and dont think about enjoying it too hard, just try to be in the moment! as long as youre having fun what does the opinion of others matter?

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