So the last couple times I’ve seen my therapist and my psychiatrist they both have been very impressed with the improvements I’ve made. Especially since I haven’t even started DBT. Apparently things I’ve been trying to teach myself have been parts of DBT. My therapist told me she was very proud of me and that I was leaps and bounds ahead of all her other patients. That really felt good to hear. I’m really happy with how therapy is going. In about a week or two I’ll finally start the group DBT skills class. Also I’ve been using an app that’s supposed to teach me about ADHD as well as techniques to workaround my ADHD. I find it’s helping a lot. My only problem is my sleep. I started a new sleeping pill. It’s supposed to turn your mind off so you can go to sleep. It works amazingly well but my bf keeps waking me up and so I’m still not getting enough sleep. Today has been hard because he woke me up after only sleeping for 2 hrs. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I ended up napping off an on. Which lead to me not getting anything done. This has been going on for several days now. I’m starting to feel depressed about not getting things done. And I’m starting to feel my motivation slip away. I mean I know I’ll snap out of it but still it just sucks!! I hate that!! Ugh!! 😩 I just gotta be easy on myself and remember tomorrow is a new day. A fresh new start. Hopefully tonight is a better night and I can sleep. 🤞

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  • JXARabbit


    Sounds like a lot of progress! Yes, keep being gentle with yourself and keep up the amazing work you are doing at being present! Wishing you a restful evening!

    • xxlostgirl


      thank you so much. 🙏

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