I’m not sure if I should start medication. How did you know if it was time to start it (or not)?

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Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • liver


    I was desperate

  • Amie2001


    I knew I needed medication when I was honestly embarrassed to be myself and I would have these “weird periods” of time that ended up being mania that I was afraid of happening again.

  • SJP


    It helps keep me more baseline so I can use skills and regulate better. Medication is simply a tool, not a cure. It also took me over a decade to find a good, working combination of medications.

  • anotherbipolargirl


    I knew because I couldn't function everyday nessesary tasks, ie. Showering feeding myself etc.

  • alexsharp11


    I have not taken medication for years. I am always finding coping mechanisms for the extreme moods.

  • WindyFox


    I was on my breaking point. I had been in therapy for years, but it stopped working. I Felt like my body wasn't listening to my mind anymore. I had no control.

  • Gc


    I had to start to be more functional for more loved ones.

  • aries02


    i’ve always been a really good student and school always meant a lot to me and then this year my depressive episodes became so long and intense that i couldn’t get out of bed for days at a time and i thought i was going to fail all of my classes and lose my scholarship. also living with roommates made me feel really embarrassed about being depressed and never getting out of bed or going ti class or taking care of myself

  • megatw


    As soon as I was diagnosed, I was already in crisis. It has taken years of trial and error and a great relationship with my PNP (I have followed her to 3 practices). My brain doesn't make the right chemicals, so I use store-bought

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