Hi, I’m Willow, host of the Pluto System (DID). I’m 28 and I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. From what my rheumatologist says though, it’s possible I’ve had it since my childhood. I don’t really know what the illness entails. All I know is that I’m tired all the time (had a sleep study and there’s nothing wrong there), and sleeping gives me no relief. I’m in constant pain, and it’s getting harder to move around. Does anyone have any advice or information they can give me to help me better understand what’s going on with my body?

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  • spookyspoonie


    Staying hydrated and eating anti-inflammatory foods will help with fibro. It's not a very well understood disease, but it is believed to have autoimmune properties. There are prescription meds that can help, but also over the counter options like supplements and guiafenisen (an active medicine in Mucinex). Movement will be your best friend with fibro, as it will help with your stiffness and pain. I recommend plenty of stretching/soft yoga.

  • Foxlover


    You could try a chiropractor or yoga for people with fibromyalgia.

  • spookyspoonie


    One of the most common problem areas with fibromyalgia is the "coat-hanger phenomenon". Basically the neck/shoulder areas that are covered if you put a coat hanger against your back. A lot of inflammation often builds here, causing pain, stiffness, and dysautonomia symptoms. Chiropractics, stretching, and topical pain meds in this area may help.

  • Mamasboys


    Sorry that you have to deal with this at a young age. I was diagnosed in my 40’s and still learning. I was given cymbalta and it has helped but not completely. Diet and moving is key. Resting and getting enough sleep and keeping stress down as much as possible.

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