is there anything you guys do to perk yourself up or get your energy back? I often can’t leave my bed for prolonged periods of time because of depression and it’s affecting my social and academic life.



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  • Auntellen


    I find I too Tend to want to stay in bed . I make myself get up and clean and do a little exercise or I feel more depressed for being lazy

  • Auntellen


    But I am having trouble with energy, breathing,and palpitations. My meds are not currently working and I’m in a bad state

  • lavvend3r


    the best advice i have is to try to engage in hobbies u can do in bed first, maybe video games, coloring, etc, then u can start doing it at a table instead somewhere outside of ur room to get u out of bed. u can even keep ur stuff for ur hobby in that other room so if u want to do it u have to get up! i hope that helps, i am realllyyyyy struggling w this too so i hope some other ppl comment w some advice too. ur not alone 💗

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