Hey guys. I have severe GAD with OCD traits. Celexa worked for me for awhile but then it pooped out. I started lexapro 15 mg and it worked at first but now a few months in I am still having bad panic attacks at work and constant anxiety. Any suggestions on medications that work for constant anxiety? No anti psychotics that cause weight gain, please. I notice my symptoms get bad after I eat a lot of times. Totally connected to my gut. Anyone else have stomach issues linked to panic?


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Harper


    Hi! I tried lexapro before settling in to Prozac. I found that between 20-40 mg of Prozac helped a ton with my OCD traits. Been 40 lately with all the anxiety of Covid.

  • MoonRiver


    Zoloft did the same for me. GAD OCD, and Depression at that time. It helped a little bit in the beginning, but after like a year I started getting really bad panic attacks again so I eventually discontinued it. Interesting you mention your symptoms are related to eating, because mine is very much like that as well.

  • Merg


    I’m having the same issue with my lexapro currently, I felt like it totally worked at first and I’ve slowly been noticing it working less and less for me. I’ve been on many different antidepressants before lexapro (celexa, Zoloft, etc) but those just flat out didn’t help.

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