Good Morning,
My feet are hurting bad today do to my fibromyalgia..



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  • Bohemian1191


    I just recently found out that the tingling and pain in my feet is a symptom of fibromyalgia

  • Blessings04


    Yes for sure! I have an appointment with a podiatrist next week also.

    • Trying2Overcome


      Did u have a referral from ur primary care doctor to go to the foot specialist or did u just know it was treatable by the foot doctor?

  • Trying2Overcome


    I'm sorry ur hurting so much today I am glad u chose to post about ur pain I have been walking up most mornings with very painful feet for a few months now I didn't know if it was also a symptom of fibromyalgia (that I have had for ALOT of years now) or if it was some other health issue to be concerned & consumed about 🙄💯🙏

  • Butterfly9937


    I’m sorry that you know this pain. I too am dealing with this pain. I have diabetic neuropathy plus arthritis deep in my joints. I will start injections soon. I pray 🙏🏽 that we all feel better ❤️‍🩹 soon!!

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