Why do we value living?


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  • DangitKate


    For me, it's to find out what will happen next.

  • dannyimprego


    personally, i am depressed 97% of the time and the only reason i’m alive is that 3%. 97% and 3% is clearly not an even split, but i choose that 3% over 97% bc in that 3% i have hope. i have hope that the 3% will grow and soon take over the 97%. have i been disappointed? yes. have i been let down? yes. does that make everything seem worth less? absolutely. but then i experience that 3% again and it’s glorious. we value living because it’s truly all we have and all we are. regardless of an afterlife, this is all we are guaranteed. the second we are brought into this world, life is all we have. and as humans it’s our duty to live for ourselves and the people we love. idk if that made sense bc tbh i’m high asf rn but if u don’t agree with anything i say, it’s fine. everyone’s experience is different. the only way to find value in your life is to keep living.

  • Tao


    I am only here because going through with it is to much work and I'm lazy and my sister. I couldn't leave my sister. But I would never take her with me. So here I stay until something else takes me, or her.

  • Snowy


    I believe in an inherent value in life, especially human life. There is something unique and amazing in a person - cognitivly, emotionally, spiritually. We have such a deep and beautiful ability to understand things. We can look at a person crying and feel sad, or laughing and feel happy. We are able to take those sensory inputs and turn them into something far beyond just data, we turn them into feeling and experience. We have an incredible 4D relationship with the world, and even from the depths of my depression, when I don't want to be alive anymore, I find this awe in the experience. How incredible is it to feel so deeply. Yeah it's horrible feelings - I too know the crippling waves of emotional pain that bring you to your knees - but there is so much contrast you can experience then. Compare any experience to that, and wow, life is beautiful. Idk if any of this resonates or makes any sense. I'm sorry if you're feeling rn like there isn't a point. I want you to know that I don't even know the first thing about you, and I value your life. Thank you for your continued existence. You bring something perfectly unique to the world and the world is better for it ❤

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