Other than medication and therapy, what might be helpful?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Dhadhu


    Meditation, music, anything that is relaxing to you when your not overly anxious is actually really good when your anxious. Mine is music at full blast with earphones and covered in a blanket and dimmed light and closed eyes. I focus on the lyrics and the music itself. It helps distract you from your anxiety. Use your senses and focus on something. It's hard at first but it will help you.

  • dogdad13


    I really like mindfulness exercises and just trying to focus on WHY I feel anxious, and what I can do to change my environment to be more friendly to me

  • Erenyeager


    If you have access to a nearby walking track I highly recommend walking on it for ten minutes ! Something about simply walking and having some good music playing in my AirPods helps refresh me. I rarely ever get to go though since it’s a far drive from my house but on days when I can go I feel like it really helps lift my spirit !

  • Ellen


    Focusing on your Breath! It's really helpful in times when I feel overwhelmed. I focus on my inhale and exhale and try to take deep breaths. It actually works on a physiological level. breathing deeply stretches the diaphragm and therefore stimulates the Vagus nerve which has a great role in relaxing and balancing us.

  • JJ_123


    I have had luck with mindfulness and meditation as some people mentioned here. I had a hard time at first, because I kept thinking I was doing it wrong. Someone told me, meditation is not turning your thoughts off, it is slowing them down. I really like the app Insight Timer and it's free. I would suggest starting with a guided meditation, especially if you are creative or like creative things.

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