I just feel so down right now and lately. When I get down my thoughts spiral. Anyone have any tips on how to control these thoughts?


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  • Luli


    try to find a pattern interrupter. go on a walk, write in a journal, make a snack — something small & manageable but that will break you out of that cycle

  • loofahhoe


    when im having days like this, as corny as it sounds, i usually take the day for myself. invest in myself. whether that be spending more time on one of my hobbies, skincare, a long shower, cleaning my environment around me. you and your mental health comes first. invest in yourself and you’ll start to feel a difference! ❤️

  • killerqueen


    I have found that if I start having thoughts that make me feel down, I stay busy. Whether it's doing a diamond puzzle or picking up an extra shift at work.

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