What do you do on your really bad pain days to cope? My normal go tos aren’t working today 😖

Generalized pain

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • StickyCJ


    Every day is a bad pain day for me and Kratom is my lifeline. I use lionizeherbs - I mix the powder into raspberry leaf tea (for added benefits)

  • Blue314


    I drink tea with tumeric and sometimes just lie out in the middle of the floor and talk about it to my family lol

  • NelCat


    Turmeric and ginger supplements help me. Apart from that, cannabis, and distracting myself. Sometimes heating pads or ice packs.

  • Magpi


    Heat is very good for me, so I have a heated blanket that I use like a full body heating pad. YouTube, audio books and podcasts for distraction.

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