does anyone else experience breakthrough bleeding, except.. always? I am currently on Yaz which is the FDA approved treatment for PMDD, and it along with Cymbalta drastically reduce the emotional effects of PMDD, however I have not stopped bleeding in almost 7 years. I have tried SO many different birth controls, from multiple pills, depo shot, IUD, etc. I take iron everyday along with a handful of of other supplements and it’s so drastic that I’m considering asking my doctor to put me on 2 birth controls to make it stop. Does anyone else have thoughts or ideas or advice? I feel like I’m not even living anymore just existing to take care of each new health problem that presents itself. I think a hysterectomy would benefit me, and my doctor is amazing and willing to give referrals/sign off on what I ask for/try new meds, but I am unable to afford another surgery right now but I’m also unable to function normally due to heavy bleeding and always being in pain.

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