I am not someone who has battled depression severely my entire life. I have been clinically depressed a few times. Normally due to events (most of which have led to PTSD). However, I went through a bad breakup at the end of 2020. I also had a lot of other personal things going on and was struggling badly....But the breakup is what finally did me in. It was the straw that broke the camels back. I struggled with severe depression, in a way I hadn't before, I was experiencing extreme sadness and loss, I was moving so slowly and I couldn't speed up & I had body aches. I had no energy. Lost interest in everything I loved. It was very bad for several weeks-months. To this day, I still have these moments where I feel super hopeless. And I barely was able to leave my house and rejoin the world fully again this year. I started to venture out more mid-end of 2021. But I struggled. Not only was I battling one of the most severe bouts of depression I had ever suffered, I was also having some ptsd episodes.

Ever since then though I have battled some really weird health issues. Starting with my stomach. March 2021, I found a new job and one day I started having stomach pains. Ever since then I have had nothing but stomach issues. Severe bloating. Sensitivities. IBS. etc. Also, my neck and back have been giving me issues as well. I've had neck spasms the past several months. And had back pain get more severe last year.

Keep in mind that during the bad bad depression period, my eating was really really
Messed up. I was skipping meals, wasn't hungry. And when I was hungry, I ate poorly. Despite hardly eating though, I did put on some extra weight. Which I'm battling tirelessly to get off now. I felt like my eating habits (or lack there of) played a role in the issues with my stomach. My eating barely has gotten back to a more normal way in the past 4/5 months. I struggled with this and my depression for a long time. I was a wreck.

I guess my question is, could I still be dealing with residue depressive issues? Or did my depression kick start some of these issues? Will they be alleviated over time as I heal? Has anyone had long term effects from s bad PTSD/Depression episode?

Yes I am seeing a doctor. I do suffer from hypochondria so please please do not try to diagnose me. I'd appreciate just staying in topic as much as possible, as I'm already worried.


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    Yeah! Emotional issues def contribute to chronic pain and GI issues. PTSD affects our brains and bodies in the long term, especially if u have been exposed to multiple traumas. I grew up in trauma, and DV and every relationship I had was traumatic. It was my last one that I finally developed GI issues that get worse with my anxiety and chronic fatigue. I also have an ED so it contributes to the GI and the fatigue but I think it could def be caused by the trauma you dealt with.

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