This is just a general post, but in the past year and 10 months I’ve gotten sick 25 times. I get sick about once a month and spend a lot of time out of school and work and it’s terrible. If I get sick again I think I’m going to go insane and lock myself away for ever. it’s really exhausting, i’ve been sick on Christmas 4 years in a row, I was sick on my birthday and my boyfriends birthday. I’m so tired of it, are there any tips boosting immunity and helping me not get sick?

- I was tested for immunodeficiency and I don’t have it
- I was tested twice for autoimmune disease, first was borderline second was negative :/


Autoimmune disease, not elsewhere classified

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  • Isaibiza


    Hi, have you had more comprehensive tests done on your immune system? I suggest going to an immunologist and trying to understand why you are sick so much. Maybe there is some immune deficiency that can be overcome with medication or some kind of treatment. I would start with general blood tests and from there progress to specific tests related to the immune system.

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