Hello! I think I have a chronic anal fissure.
I never bleed from my anus unless I touch it. It’s not very painful just itchy sometimes and it looks like a scab or a cut, around the deeper parts.
I went to the gynecologist for a similar problem last year but she said it was okay. I tend to have pretty bad anxiety about these types of things though.
I find myself googling every single possibility.
I am pretty young and I don’t have any other symptoms but those. My bowel movements are alright (because I have IBS) but I just want to know if anyone else whose experienced anal fissures have had the same thing. Or should I be worried?
I plan on going to the doctors again shortly.
Thanks in advanced!

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  • Angel


    I suffer from chronic anal fissure for a few years, and I have healing and recurrence intermittently. I try to maintain remission by keeping the stool soft and cleaning this place several times a day.

  • IbsQween


    Hi invest in some preparation h wipes, take fiber and drink plenty of water. But a sitz bath is the fissures come back it helps with pain management and healing it

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