I most likely have gerd and have to wait til march to get into the gastroenterologist (I am still 17, I have all appointments with Childrens Hospital) and before that I am going to see a pulmonologist because of possible lung issues (maybe related to gerd, maybe because i could be a CF carrier) in April. I have been waiting for about a week and a half for insurance approval on genetic testing for connective tissue disorders and cystic fibrosis (i have had a few symptoms that carriers could have) and also have had a major CFS flair up in terms of the cold, getting up at 6:00 am for school is absolutely no help. Have just told the school of my current diagnosis, have not heard back, and my throat is getting more and more congested as I go (still dunno if its gerd or being cf carrier or what), a little but intolerant of exercise (going up stairs at school, i dread) and super annoyed with all the waiting (as most of us are). I have a regular checkup, have a feeling my mom will tell me to just tell them that i feel fine all because of the fact that we do have those appointments coming up for those anyways, but I at least want to tell them about my mucus in throat problem so they can at least maybe look to see if they can see anything and maybe I can get some idea of what it is. Just wanted to know if anyone has similar experience as me with the winter being so stressful?

Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


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  • LilWiver


    winter has always been a stressful time of year for me. Stairs are basically a nightmare. 4 story building comes with more stairs than anyone would like. If you have GERD or a lot of symptoms lining up with it you can try over the counter Omeprazole (common treatment for GERD in kids and teens). Also Iv found peppermint tea can be helpful.

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