How do y'all handle food issues? I get super fixated on safe foods and can't convince myself to eat anything else no matter how hard I try until that food is gross to me.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Nausea and Vomiting

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  • BeaLeafly


    I try to focus on textures, find what's different from what I usually eat but the familiar textures.

  • BeaBea


    Totally second what bealeafly said! If I’m feeling like I could only handle chips, I don’t even try to think about non-crunchy foods. Add’ly, sometimes I feel more able to try a new food after a few bites of ‘safe’ food. When I’m really hungry, my nausea and food sensitivities become even more restrictive, so I try and just eat anything and then after a few bites steer towards something a little less ‘safe’.

  • SoftYarn


    I also try to make foods into a “safe food” texture, this depends on what your same foods are. But for example I like kale chips for dry stuff, or frozen blueberries in milk, or half thawed frozen fruit, or homemade boba instead of gummy candy. I also try to balance my diet and still choose same foods that comfort me. Like I can always have peanut butter because I need the protein and iron. I can always have a bar or cookie, but I limit myself to one per day for balance. Sometimes it’s better to not force yourself to eat something for the sake of the meal. I would rather a have a small amount of my same food or reliable leftovers instead of going out to a new restaurant just for the fun if it.

  • Charmander.Char


    I focus on seasonings and inner the years, i can try a lot more foods so long as I'm the one to cook it (to make sure it's right texturally) or it's done professionally and i use my safe seasonings.

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