Hey I have a question… as a volleyball in my teen years I’m out of the house a lot and I suffer from stomach aches and diarrhea are there any things that might help me to have a more “normal” teen experience?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


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  • bananaz


    Hi, definitely see a doctor to provide the best guidance. I wouldn’t recommend OTC anti-diarrhea medications because at least for me they made me more bloated and at least i got some relief from going to the bathroom! An antispasmodic might help and a doctor would prescribe that. Otherwise in the meantime you could try slowly adding fiber to your diet (metamucil is pretty easy to digest, some make things worse). Ibs is not fun to deal with as a young adult that’s for sure, I can relate! Good luck, hope you feel better 💕

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