Back in August of 2021 I started having frequent urination. Something I had never experienced to that point. It was then followed by testicular discomfort. I dr. Googled myself into thinking I had testicular cancer. After an ultrasound of my pelvis and testicles, I was relieved to find out I did not have testicular cancer. Fast forward a year later and I’ve had the following tests

CT scan for kidneys- normal
Went to ER for constipation and got a CT scan of abdomen- All normal except it showed I was constipated
Went to ER for chest pain and got a chest X-ray and EKG both normal
Got a colonoscopy and endoscopy (mother died of colon cancer)- Colonoscopy normal and endoscopy showed I had reactive gastritis. So finally was diagnosed with something.

My gastritis has caused a lot of bloating and uncomfortableness, but I don’t think it’s the only cause of my symptoms. I am always lightheaded/have brain fog. I have swollen lymph nodes under my jaw and one on the side of my neck but no fever or night sweats. I have right upper quadrant pain that comes and goes and lower middle back pain that comes and goes.

My blood work has shown one test of high ALT, AST and Bilirubin after a weekend of drinking with friends were in town, but the AST and ALT normalized my next test after not drinking for two weeks. My bilirubin stayed high however and has been high on all of my tests for the last year (1.5-1.8 usually). My GFR has gradually declined over the last year going from 105 to 98 to 88. I know it’s not below 60, but still concerns me that it’s declining like that.

My doctor put me on atorvastatin for my high cholesterol, but doesn’t seem to be worried by the high bilirubin or declining GFR. Just looking for answers on why I feel this way. Hope I find someone in a similar situation as me that has answers



Right upper quadrant pain

Chronic gastritis without bleeding


Enlargement of lymph nodes

Brain Fog

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