Has anyones back pain got so bad you start crying hot and sweaty from pain and anxiety from the pain and feeling very suicidal from back pain ? toradol heat and combination with Tylenol hasn’t touched the pain . For me to sleep last night I had heating pad on high and as soon I got up to take daughter to school back pain is back immediately … I’m about ready to go to ER for relief but scared they’ll won’t be able to help me 😢

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  • XoxoDanielle


    The pain I’m feeling is bringing back painful memories from when I first experienced chronic pain in back 😢

  • Belugabear


    Ugh yep. That was me last night, I took every type of pain med I safely could and it didn’t even touch it. It was after injections in my back, which worked but wore off after two hours. Don’t give up on looking for answers! I was told a million times it was generic back pain, only to recently learn I have deformities that were missed on MRIs! Good luck, and feel free to message me any time!

  • Lmoney


    I have cervical tumor of the spine. They missed it until it was almost to late. I was nearly in a wheelchair from the neck down. I undergone a neck surgery in 2019 and nothing touched the pain. I'm about to undergo another surgery this time on T10-11 laminectomy. I will definitely go to university of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. My surgeon is one of the best in United States

  • PonyRock


    My doctor said put ice on your back before bedtime it definitely helps numb it enough to get sleep.

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