So I had been only working 1-2 days a week (babysitting) while going through major fatigue related to undiagnosed POTS and sleep apnea. I did that for a year, rested my body, and started at a restaurant last week because I am starting to feel better and need the money. I am going through genetic testing for EDS (suspected hEDS) but no openings for months.

All this to say, I’ve been in a significant amount of pain (lower back soreness, and a weird sharp pain in my shoulder). If you have EDS what do you do to help sore muscles? Stretching does nothing I’m so bendy, and the sharp pain in my shoulder I’m debating going to the doctor about. Any advice would be wonderful.


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  • Paige_04


    I can totally relate, for me it’s the high frequency of subluxations and dislocation that make life hard. I would take pain killers to help and heat/ice it regularly

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