Should I go to a psychiatrist for medication?
I’ve been seeing my regular family medicine doctor for my anxiety medication, but none of the pills I’ve tried over the past six years have helped- should I just see an actual psychiatrist for medication?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • PinkPupButt


    definitely try it!

  • Chesbro99


    Might as well. They might have some other ideas. But anxiety can also be hard to treat too

  • Kirin


    It might be helpful. Do you go to therapy? Often times therapy can be just as important as medication

  • Ellammk


    I am starting therapy soon, I just got insurance, yay lol

  • ThatOneNerd


    Yes for sure! Finding a psychiatrist was an excellent decision for me. There’s so many meds that they’ll know about that your PCP probably wouldn’t think of.

  • Purplepiglets


    I would definitely seek out the help of a psychiatrist, especially if you’ve tried a lot of medications without much success. Psychiatrists will likely know a lot more about psychiatric drugs, their side effects, which drugs should be combined, etc.

  • can


    It may be worth a try but honestly in my experience they're not much help. If you've tried lots of medications without benefitting maybe seek options other than pharmaceuticals.

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