So this past year since September 2021 I’ve been having horrible panic attacks that would happen (and still sometimes do but mostly only twice now) non stop. I was prescribed clonzapam to take 2 times a day everyday as needed. And I have been for MONTHS but I want to start weaning off because I’ve been feeling more better. And I’m at the point since I’ve Been feeling better I want to take them only when I need them so I guess I’m asking if anyone knows how I should ween off? Should I do like 1 pill and 1/2 a pill for a couple weeks and then 1 pill after that for awhile until I feel okay to do half a pill and then only take the meds when I need to or what?


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  • paigewest


    You should talk to a psychiatrist about how to titrate off because I think it’s different for everyone

    • Sssamanthaaa


      I will I just thought having others input would help. Last time I talked to my physiatrist she acted weird when I mentioned weening off of them even though every hospital ive been to and every other dr has said I would need to ween off

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