How do you cope with depression through the physical pain that’s daily?


Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • TurtleRose


    Personally I use my meds and try to stay focused on my children and whatever projects I can do. When that doesn't work and the stretching doesn't help I go to bed and basically cry myself to sleep

  • Simply2


    I have small milestones that I set for myself. Even if i just accomplish one i feel a little validation. Also I've learned my limitations and i can feel when it's too much so i rest as needed. Music is also my friend I've created a few playlist that help give me motivation throughout the day. And finally i have come to terms with what has and is happening and i find things to be grateful for even if they are tiny. Just breath and find your own pace and things you enjoy.

  • Chesbro99


    I'm on medication that helps my depression alot. Like the others said just try and focus on the good that's around you and what you can do. Rest when you need it.

  • Oouchthathurts


    I’m sorry your in pain first off, I hope you have understanding and empathetic people in your life because pain is not a simple thing to get up to on a daily basis and try and live your life normally without having that support in place. You can very easily start feeling very alone and isolated and misunderstood in an illness or health issue, but believe me your never alone their are lots of us out here (online)who are suffering just like you and are willing to share our experiences and helpful tips with you. Reach out to people and be your own best advocate and find something you like/love to do that can keep your mind busy. And I’d definitely see your doctor for a mixture of support and physical therapy (stretching everyday even if it’s a little bit will help) and if you think medication will help you get through the rough spots I’d definitely look into pain management with your doctor.

  • Scoutie


    I focus on my dogs, cats, and 6 chickens. I like the Calm App. to help with sleep. I go to counseling once a week, and read a lot.

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