this is more of a rant but i start to get very anxious when i hear loud yelling and talking all at once, especially in small spaces. my roommates bring their friends over to our dorm at 1am almost everyday and i try my best to be social but i’m trying to study or i’m just too tired to keep up. i’ve asked them if they could text me to let me know when someone’s coming so it’s not that much of a surprise but they don’t do it. i’m just so overwhelmed with my classes and after a long day i just want to have time to myself with no distractions. idk i feel like i’m getting upset for no reason

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  • wynnie222


    have you looked into noise canceling headphones? or earplugs? they wont fix the problem of ur roommate not warning u, but they will help muffle the sound of all the people, and hopefully help ur anxiety around loud noises and yelling. best of luck :’) <3 (if u need recommendations for earplugs or headphones lmk!!)

  • Beeble


    I wear noise cancelling headphones (with or without music) around 24 hours a day. it's so helpful. I only take them off around people I KNOW are quiet or sensory friendly. I could send you the ones I have that work pretty well. there are better ones but I have not alot of money so-

  • Snapcracklepop


    Overstimulation is a real thing you are not getting upset for no reason. A lot of noises at once or loud noises overwhelm me as well and it’s worse at the end of the day when I’m exhausted. Like others said, I’d recommend noise cancelling headphones or even just ear plugs. They have been extremely helpful for me in these circumstances

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