Friend since 8th, I’m in 12th now, randomly unadded me. I can’t tell if that’s life but seems everyone has just cut themselves out of my life


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  • tinybagel


    I’m so sorry this happened to you. This has happened to me a lot when good friends who I’ve known since middle/elementary school would unfriend me and it used to kinda hurt. I’ve noticed in a lot of cases, for me, friends just change what they use social media for (family only) or their life moves in a different direction (location, friend groups) or they deactivate their account/create new ones, or just scroll through the people they haven’t talked to in a while. Most times, I’ve noticed, the real reason can be less personal than you think ❤️

  • Ink789


    im sorry that they did that. I've had friends ive known for years randomly unadd me too. its definitely not a good feeling and it brings alot of questioning to mind. but you'll make new friends!

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