Hi all I’m new here! Been really struggling these past 2 weeks. Switching my meds from celexa to lexapro and I’m just not feeling well.


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  • HCG2021


    Goin onto, changing the does of and changing antidepressants can be really damn hard. I know, but stick it out. You got this. When going through changes in medicine myself I have used a multitude of things to help during the transition. Fell free to message me if you want to hear more about it. But please know your not alone, you can do this. If your not already try to journal (I hate journaling but made myself do it) write down what feels bad but also anytime you feel something good, even a sliver of improvement. Also write something your thankful for everyday.

    • RondoMika


      this is really good advice! Thank you!

      • HCG2021


        your very welcome. Please keep us posted on the progress! I used to take Celexa too, when I switched to Prozac it was a bumpy road for about 3 weeks. Your right on the threshold! Hang in there improvement is coming! I’ve heard really good things about lexapro. It’s my next choice if I ever have to switch from Prozac.

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